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Girl Mathin' Skin care Just Got Easier Thanks To Epicutis

September 19 2023 – Sabrina ROBINSON

Girl Mathin' Skin care Just Got Easier Thanks To Epicutis
Girl Mathin' Skin care Just Got Easier Thanks To Epicutis

Let's face it (pun intended): skincare can sometimes make your wallet cry harder than a soap opera star. But is all that glitters (in this case, those fancy serums and creams) really worth its weight in gold? 

With so many new luxury skin care brands launching every day it's becoming harder to tell if the PRICE matches the PERKS.  Investing in a skincare routine that could rival a small car payment, will have you scrutinizing your skin like a detective looking for clues. Is it really brighter, smoother, and more youthful, or is it just your imagination fueled by the hope that those expensive products are finally doing their job?

At Thrēo we only bring in the products that work, I mean really work! And we are happy to say we've found our newest favorite luxury brand that will give you every reason to girl math.

EPICUTIS was born out of a mission to go beyond the surface and tackle the prevalent factors behind lackluster skin: moisture loss and environmental damage. Our approach involves using patented, entirely non-toxic ingredients meticulously crafted into elegantly straightforward formulations that genuinely benefit your skin.

Epicutis Products at Thrēo Pasadena

LIPID SERUM (Thrēo Pick)

With only eight ingredients, this gentle formula is an essential member of your healing arsenal.  With therapeutic concentrations of TSC, our patented anti-inflammatory, this silky serum delivers an instant dose of relief for dry, stressed, sensitive or post-procedure skin—PLUS proven healthy-skin benefits that build over time. Thanks to the lipid-like properties of TSC, EPICUTIS Lipid Serum absorbs quickly—carrying a network of calming nutrients beneath the skin’s surface to soothe redness and fight collagen breakdown at the cellular level.



The Luxury Skincare Set combines our two powerful steps - Treat and Hydrate - providing you with the Lipid Serum and Hyvia Crème. Both products are formulated with novel patented active ingredients exclusive to Epicutis.

The Hyvia® Crème is the perfect marriage of nature and science—our three proprietary powerhouses, backed by a fresh crop of pure, responsibly sourced botanicals with proven skin benefits. HYVIA®, a patented moisturizing agent derived from organic non-GMO chia seed oil, instantly drenches the skin in deep hydration while blocking blue light damage. DSD works to shield the skin from harmful aggressors like UV rays.



The Cleansing Essentials Set provides you with both our Oil Cleanser and Enzyme Exfoliating Powder to forever change how you cleanse your skin.

Unlike other oil-based cleansers, our Oil Cleanser uses two special botanical-based fatty acids that, when in contact with water, create a mild cleansing action to leave the skin feeling soft, cleansed, and not greasy.

Made with naturally occurring enzymes to gently exfoliate your skin, our Enzyme Exfoliating Powder will leave your skin feeling smooth and renewed. Rather than using microbeads or acids, our exfoliator harnesses the activity of natural enzymes to help gently break down dead skin cells and excess oils to boost turnover.


An ultra-concentrated version of our Lipid Serum delivered through a bio-cellulose mask, this deeply healing treatment instantly soothes skin on contact—and has been proven to reduce inflammation in as little as 10–15 minutes.

Pre-Treatment Protocol: While it’s never too early to start using any EPICUTIS products, we recommend using our Lipid Recovery Mask 1–2 days prior to invasive aesthetic treatments.



A new set made for post-procedure recovery, complete with our Lipid Serum, Hyvia Crème, and Lipid Recovery Mask. It also makes the perfect travel companion.