Specializing in acne, hyperpigmentation, and chemical peels

At THRĒO Skin, we believe in…

  • Luxury without pretense: results-focused with a high-end, chill experience 
  • Extensive training in multicultural skin: safe and effective treatments for all skin tones
  • Your healing over our bottom line: no price gouging or selling products you don’t need
  • Zero-fluff client education: transparently sharing our advice & research for your skin

Meet our founder, aka the “Acne Queen,” Sabrina Robinson.

Hey, I’m Sabrina, the founder of THRĒO Skin. I’m most known for the before-and-afters of my clients I share online. Their acne and skin transformations speak for themselves…

…. And keep me booked and BUSY. As I continue to grow out the studio side of THRĒO Skin, I want to be able to help people who either 1) don’t live in LA or 2) can’t get on my books fast enough. 

That’s where THRĒO Skin’s product store comes in. A healing at-home skincare regimen is a big part of how my in-studio clients get results. 

Because the truth is, even if you’re coming in for 2x month facials, MOST of your skincare is still happening at home, and it can either heal or further damage your skin.

Lets get skin deeper …

It started with a degree in Econ (shoutout to all dads who want their kids to “get a traditional degree”). 

I blended my Econ degree with my skincare passion and got a job at Bare Escentuals in their spa sales department.

I experienced a lot of important firsts at this job: My first facial, my first glimpse into running a skincare company, and my first encounters with female entrepreneurs in skincare making BANK. It planted a seed for me that I might one day be my own boss…

Finally, in 2019, I got my esti license and shortly after launched my dream practice, THRĒO Skin.